Visual-XSel Software

Statistical methods are a complex subject. Software for this must be easy to use. Visual-XSel guides the user through the methods step by step with the help of speech bubbles and provides expert knowledge. Our references speak for themselves.

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Weibull-Analysis & Prognosis

We carry out Weibull analysis and forecasts of field problems for you, or advise you on endurance tests. With the help of the so-called load test matrix you can determine the reliability of your product, or for the entire system with different failure modes.

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Test methods & DoE

With test methods, the best possible evaluations are achieved with the lowest test effort. We carry out a system analysis for you with cause effect diagram, create a DoE and evaluate the data with 120 parameters

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Measuring-System- and Process-Analysis

Measuring System Analysis (MSA) and Process Capability are the prerequisites for data evaluation and good quality management. Visual-XSel offers powerful functions here.

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Training courses

In our in-house or online training courses, the practical application of statistical methods is taught using real examples. Our classics are reliability methods – Weibull and design of experiments – DoE.

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Consulting & SixSigma

We support you with your problems. A combination of training and a later workshop is ideal in order to enable you and to build up your own competence. Six Sigma projects are also possible.

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